Can you provide quotes by phone or email?

We realize that many people prefer not to have companies come to their homes, to avoid being subjected to repeated follow-ups, however, there are a number of factors determining the cost of a roof replacement, so we can not offer an accurate quote over the phone or by email (even if photos are included). Sight-unseen quotes are not accurate, so we avoid this practice.  We will, however, promise not to harass you with phone calls — one simple follow-up call or email is all you may receive!

Do you offer price-matching?

The simple answer is no, we do not. There are many roofing companies to choose from, therefore quoted costs can vary greatly.  Factors to be considered are:

  • Company discounts with wholesalers
  • Quality of products being used
  • Integrity of the company and its workers
  • Company size – larger companies tend to have higher prices, as they have more overhead and maintenance costs

Do you use drones to measure the roof surface?

Although many companies have begun to employ this new technology, we still find that the most accurate way to measure is with an old-fashioned tape measure. If there is any unseen damage under the existing shingles (i.e., rotten wood), this can often be detected when walking the roof to take the measurements.

Will there be any additional charges not included in the quoted cost?

Potential additional charges would arise with the discovery of items such as rotten wood or a compromised building structure. We will not install new materials over top of wood or other surfaces which we feel would defeat the purpose of replacing the roof. If wood is very old or has been exposed to water for a length of time, creating considerable damage, we will suggest that the surface be replaced before installing the shingles. The price of lumber changes periodically, so the exact cost of the additional work will be provided if the situation arises. If the client chooses not to replace the rotten portions, the warranty will likely be affected. It’s not feasible to warranty a roof that has a severely deteriorated base, as there is no way to determine if the cause of any issues is the result of the pre-existing damage.

Can you shingle over top of the existing shingles?

You can, but we won’t. Although this practice will save a bit of money on waste disposal, it is not the correct way to replace a roof, and the length of the shingle life will be reduced by more than half. Odd as it sounds, your roof needs to “breathe” — it needs proper air-flow to be effective and keep the shingles in their best shape. 

Do you charge a flat rate for service calls?

Yes, our flat rate is $75.00 for any small job or quick repair, within the city, and $125.00 for out-of-city. Please ask when contacting us what the rate will be, based on your location. Examples of out-of-city would be Richmond, Rockland, Almonte, and Carleton Place.

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, we charge a flat rate of $100.00 for an emergency call when there are no seasonal factors, such as snow and ice, in which case an emergency call is $150.00. The reason for the price difference is that a roofing emergency is generally a leak, and when ice and snow are involved, the leaking area is harder to locate and will need to be cleared before it can be repaired.

Do you re-set satellite dishes?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service, and will not be responsible for removing, reinstalling or resetting your roof-mounted dish. Please arrange to have your service provider re-install and re-set it for you. We strongly advise against roof-mounted dishes, and suggest a wall-mounted installation to reduce the possibility of shingle damage and leaks.

Things to consider when choosing a company to perform your services

Whether it’s roofing, plumbing, or any other services you may need, there are certain factors to consider when making your decision. Whether you contract Cadieux Roofing Inc. or not, we’d like to share the following tips that we think you’ll find helpful:

  • Be mindful of companies offering cut-throat prices. There are many fly-by-night companies competing for work by offering greatly reduced costs, but they are often closed in the next few years, making any warranties void. Using inferior products will also reduce the cost significantly. Many companies have been known to include the installation/use of certain products, but since work is often completed when the home-owners are not present, you don’t always get what you pay for. Another factor that often contributes to considerably lower costs is use of unskilled labour, as these types of workers receive much lower pay than a skilled worker.
  • The use of sub-contractors (subs) is standard practice, whether you deal with a small or large company. One thing to keep in mind is that subs are not generally responsible for warrantying their work – the main contractor is. The chances of poor workmanship and unprofessional conduct during the installation increases when subs are used. This is not to say that ALL “subs” are bad – JP did sub-contracting for a large company for many years, and he noticed several instances where other subs “cut corners” or just didn’t take the time to do things properly. This is the main reason Cadieux Roofing Inc. does not use subs.
  • We strongly recommend doing a bit of research before contracting any company, large or small, and asking for references is always a good idea. Using resources such as the Better Business Bureau can be helpful, too, as they are not affiliated with any one business and they do not refer specific companies — they simply offer ratings based on criteria that includes consumer input. We personally feel that the best way to choose a company is through referrals by friends and family.  You know you’ll get an honest answer from someone you know!