Very pleased with the service provided by Heather & JP. Work was completed in a short time frame & excellent clean up. We will definitely refer family or friends • Pauline M • March 2022

Excellent service and a job well done. Have already recommended many times to friends. • Joe B • November 2021

Outstanding! As a commercial construction supervisor for 35 years, I know what it takes to run a great business. Planning, scheduling, good communication with clients, fair pricing and well trained workers. Cadieux Roofing excels in all of those areas. JP was honest and straight forward from the time he arrived for the estimate until the final cleanup was done. Pricing was very competitive. I had 5 firms bidding on this roof. JP and Heather offered a product that none of the other bidders offered; Owens Corning Duration shingles. That product is very highly rated. Heather was wonderful in giving me some ideas for the colour selection, along with a few addresses to actually go and see a few finished homes with that product and her suggested colour. Now that the work is done I am so glad we took her suggestion. It is beautiful! I highly recommend for anyone looking for roof work to give them a try. • Lonny H • November 2021

We hired Cadieux Roofing to redo our roof and were thoroughly impressed with their reliability, compassion, and the high quality of their work. They completed the work on time and under budget, all the while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. We won’t need our roof redone for many years but when we do, we would hire them again in a heartbeat. If you want your roof done well by good people, Cadieux Roofing is the answer! • Gabriela & Sebastian S • November 2021

The Cadieux team is small but mighty. From beginning to end I felt like my business mattered. My initial inquiry was followed up promptly and when we received the quote I was amazed at the fair pricing. The crew is small with owner on job sites so they don’t have the huge overhead of large companies. As we know the lowest price isn’t always the best choice but in this case it definitely was. Throughout the process service was prompt and very professional. The crew was quiet on site and very respectful. They also cleaned everything up at the end of each day. I didn’t have a single concern and would recommend Cadieux Roofing in a heartbeat. • Hester W • October 2021

JP and Heather provides the rare combination of great workmanship, material, customer service at a reasonable price. No subcontractor. Excellent attention to details with JP’s direct supervision. Surprisingly, they are one of the very few company who would get up to the roof to give me a proper quote. I have recommended them to my neighbours and friends, would use them again in the future. • Eng Soon Y • September 2021

JP is very knowledgeable and figured out where the possible sources of the leak. The roof was repaired quickly and looks great! In addition Heather was very helpful in arranging the appointments and payment. • Kim T • June 2020

We were very picky when looking for a roofer and we are so grateful we went with Cadieux. Not only was he crew respectful of our neighbourhood (no loud music, etc.), our roof has high quality shingles and the price was more than reasonable. Heather was quick to get back to us throughout the process and to answer questions. This company is a delight to work with! • Valerie V • June 2020

A job extremely well done from the time of the original estimate to the finished product. Both Heather and JP were a pleasure to deal with, work efficiency completed and the yard area was cleaned before they left. Price was excellent for the work done, Would highly recommend Cadieux Roofing if you are looking for high quality workmanship with a firm that is responsive and engaging. • Terry B • May 2020

Cadieux Roofing completed the roofs of our two family homes in 2019, and did very good work. JP was the only roofer when he came to give the quote did not try to say the jobs were overly difficult. After completing our first house, Cadieux was offered the contract on the second house. As part of the work at the second house, where there was a leak at the chimney, the company removed completely the siding, replaced the flashing, and the chimney cap to ensure everything was watertight. Heather and JP are quite personable. Roofs are very important and Cadieux was willing to discuss, in detail, what was required to be done. Calls and e-mails were returned within a very short time frame. They are willing to come back quickly. The company is fast and efficient, and cleaned up well after completing its work. I will highly recommend Cadieux Roofing! • Jai P • November 2019

Great price, good service, cleaned up completely afterwards – have used them twice and recommended to friends. You can’t go wrong. • Jim M • October 2019

So, the most fabulous thing happened today. Cadieux Roofing Inc. showed up and replaced the front roof on my garage. All the shingles had turned up at the edges and it looked terrible. Thanks so much to the crew for doing such a terrific job. J.P. & Heather Cadieux we love it. • Kim R • July 2019

Fast and Efficient. Roof looks great. Will definitely recommend them. • Jason H • July 2019

We were very happy with the service from Cadieux. It took one phone call to arrange the work. The estimate was completed as requested. The installation was completed as scheduled. Corrections were made to the previous installation (done by a different company.) I recommend this company. • David F • July 2019

Total Professionalism. Great Price. So Pleased. We had Cadieux do our roof last summer and could not be happier with them. Totally professional, great quality and pricing. Really pleased and would recommend without hesitation. Thanks 🙂 • Lisa R • June 2019

We first hired Cadieux Roofing a number of years ago to fix a leaking roof that three other contractors had been unable to resolve (and threw up their hands and said the entire roof needed to be replaced). JP fixed the leak for a very reasonable price. When we decided to have our roof reshingled in 2018, we obviously went with Cadieux Roofing. They recommended a different shingle colour than we had considered and agree that the house looks far better with their choice. The crew had forgotten to remove a temporary vent cover, and JP came back the same day we called to remove it. Very excellent service for the work and five stars for communication from the office and for billing (Heather). Cadieux Roofing is the roofer on my list of companies I recommend whenever anyone asks… • Mark • March 2019

We researched many companies before picking Cadieux Roofing to replace our roof given the absolute expense required to replace a roof. We own 1/4 of a four-plex. Our neighbours did their roof at the same time but with a different company. We were not interested in going with them because we much preferred the shingles used by Cadieux. The wind resistance of these shingles are what are needed especially given the advent of climate change; the tornado in Ottawa mid September is a testament of what is to come in the future. Cadieux did an excellent job at matching the colour of the shingles with our neighbours so you can’t even tell from the street that 2 different companies were used. They were a pleasure to work with and were both very responsive with all our queries. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone needing a new roof. Oh, and they were also economical. Thanks Cadieux Roofing! • Nadia C • Oct 2018

Fantastic people to work with. Very happy with the work and so thrilled by how long they cleaned up after. I’ve heard horror stories about messes left behind, but not a single shingle was found.  Thank you again! • Samantha M • August 2018

We had our roof replaced by Cadieux last week. We own 1/4 of a four unit row townhouse. Our neighbours had their roofs done too but they used a different company; we were not interested in this other company because we much preferred the shingles used by Cadieux. Cadieux did an excellent job at matching the colour, there is no distinction from the road that two different companies were used. Cadieux was even a bit more economical than what our neighbours used. The Cadieux shingles have very high wind resistance which is what we need now that climate change is rearing its ugly head — re tornado in Ottawa area mid Sept. 2018. We are very happy with the work and they are a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a new roof.
Nadia C • October 2018

JP and his crew did a fabulous job on my roof. I love the colours and JP went above and beyond to ensure that the proper materials were on there (with a bit extra) to ensure that my roof is protected from ice dams damage. I recommend JP for any roof job. • Toni D • May 2018

We first hired Cadieux Roofing a number of years ago to fix a leaking roof that three other contractors had been unable to resolve (and threw up their hands and said the entire roof needed to be replaced). JP fixed the leak for a very reasonable price. When we decided to have our roof re-shingled in 2018, we obviously went with Cadiuex Roofing. They recommended a different shingle colour than we had considered and agree that the house looks far better with their choice. The crew had forgotten to remove a temporary vent cover, and JP came back the same day we called to remove it. Very excellent service for the work and five stars for communication from the office and for billing (Heather). Cadieux Roofing is the roofer on my list of companies I recommend whenever anyone asks… • Mark C • January 2019

JP, Heather (his wife and administrator), and his crew did an excellent job with all aspects of installing new shingles on my roof. It was a real pleasure to deal with them. All questions regarding the price quote, the shingles and the installation process were clearly and promptly answered. JP and his crew worked diligently and their very high level of knowledge and experience was evident during the entire installation process. It was a 2 day job which was professionally completed on schedule with a thorough cleanup done at the end of each day. I have no reservations in highly recommending Cadieux Roofing Inc.! Thank you very much! The roof not only looks great but also I have the satisfaction of knowing that high quality long-lasting shingles were professionally installed! • Alex K • August 2018

From the initial visit providing a quote for our re-roof project, we were both impressed with JP. The experience was one where everything was explained and any questions were answered by someone who knows their business. JP’s work history provided an assurance that the work would be done to a high standard. Dealing with Heather was effortless as she provided addresses of previous jobs so we could drive by and see the various shingle patterns to aid in making our choice. The work was done in a timely fashion mid July. The crew was very experienced and worked well as a team. End of job cleanup was great. We have had numerous positive comments from our neighbours with the end result. No hesitation in recommending Cadieux Roofing. • David S • August 2018

I cannot say enough about Cadieux Roofing. First I was pleased to learn the owner would be on site working with his team. This is a team that works well together, focused, professional, respectful, courteous, hardworking, organized, skilled and well equipped. They basically went above and beyond my expectations. The material was left in a trailer the day before, not piled on our roof. They properly prepared the roof surface: removed every nail, nailed loose sheathing, ensured the rain gutters were attached correctly and replaced sheathing with mold on it. They hand nailed the underlayment, no chain saws, used a roof hoist, used more nails per shingle sheet than minimum required, no loud music, kept our place clean throughout the day and cleaned up at the end of the first day even though they were returning the following day. I was impressed. They treated our home like it was theirs. This team clearly has a strong work ethic and knows how to work optimally. • Hélène C • July 2018

Cadieux Roofing is a gem of a company! They did a great job on the roof taking take care to do a good job, fix anything that required repairing, and immaculately clean up. They also took care to not destroy the garden. The neighbour was also extremely pleased to have selected this company to do their roof at the same time that we did ours. • Pam O • July 2018

We just recently had our roof replaced by this company and were extremely happy with the whole process from Heather responding quickly to emails and the fellows doing the work. They worked in record heat and did a great job. Clean up after was super as well. We would have no hesitation to recommend to others. • Jane S • July 2018

Our experience with Cadieux Roofing has been second to none. They were prompt, courteous and informative with all of our correspondence both before, during and after our roof replacement. When work on the roof was completed you would never have known that they were ever there, we literally couldn’t be happier. We have recommended Cadieux Roofing to all of our friends and neighbours. Cadieux Roofing could and possibly should give other business’s lessons in excellent customer service. • Eric & Kathie S • May 2018

We hired Cadieux Roofing to complete our roof and we couldn’t be happier. They did a fantastic job and JP (the owner) went above and beyond making sure that we were above code. While he was re-roofing our home, he noted that the old roof that he replaced (our house was built brand new in 2002) was not done to code. In fact there was not water shield or protection under the shingles. We are very lucky to have hired such a caring business man who ensure that the roof is going to protect our house from weather damage further on in life. thanks so much to Cadieux Roofing!!! • Toni D • December 2017

Of the four home roofing experiences I have had over the last forty years, this company was the absolute best. JP Is helpful, knowledgable, patient, answers questions directly and honestly and is pleasant. Heather is also helpful, pleasant and accommodating. The crew worked very quickly and never have I seen such clean work. There was no mess while they worked and none once they had swept the yard at the finish. I highly recommend this company. I have a dog and young grandchildren so nails were a concern and eagle eye found none! Amazing. • Catherine M • November 2017

Extremely satisfied with the initial work and follow-ups. Had my roof done a year ago but had some problems that, as it turned out, were not related to JP and his crew’s work — a leaky air vent (and melting snow) above my kitchen and raccoon damage to the shingles. On the leaky air vent, JP came on a cold February Sunday morning, shovelled off the snow and diagnosed the problem — no charge. He was also prompt in responding to my SOS and repairing the raccoon damage just last week. • Ken L • November 2017

One of the Best roofers in Ottawa, and quite possibly the best! I highly recommend this company as the workmanship is nothing less than excellent. Our home looks totally updated! • Deborah V • October 2017

We just had our roof done by Cadieux Roofing and the experience was fabulous. During our search for roofers they were very competitively priced, extremely responsive. Heather was amazing. They did a wonderful job and left our premises in perfect condition. Absolutely nothing to clean up after they left. I would highly recommend them. • John B • August 2017

Very impressed with JP and his crew. Great job done from start to finish. Especially this year with all the rain we have had. • Geoff O • August 2017

Our roof was done 5 years ago at our old house by Cadieux roofing. They did a great job. They were also very friendly. Will be calling them again soon to do the roof at our new house! • Lexi C • August 2017

We found Jean-Paul and his crew were very organized and efficient. They did professional work and left the site clean. Our roof was replaced in a timely manner. A pleasure to deal with. Competitive quote. Thank you very much. • Harvey S • August 2017

Was very satisfied with the work done by the Cadieux team. Our process began last summer with a quote that was honoured this year. A big thank you for their service standards and their commitment to communicating with their clients. It made the process that much easier considering the scheduling challenges that were faced this summer, brought on by the weather. Would be happy to recommend. • Wayne J • July 2017

Fully satisfied from start to finish. Appreciated the excellent customer service from Heather — provided clear estimate of cost (very reasonable) and followed up with timely updates on when work would begin. Very professional workmanship under JP’s supervision. The 10% senior discount was a welcome bonus from this firm. Pleased to recommend Cadieux Roofing to other homeowners who want to know they will be dealing with a competent family business that takes pride in their work! • Larry C • July 10, 2017

Very satisfied with the work completed by JP and his team. They pick-up after every day of work, leaving the surrounding very clean. Very professional and hardworking. I strongly recommend them! Job well done! • Yves L • June 21, 2017

JP and his crew did a great job. The attention to detail is fantastic and the site looked liked they’d never been there. Was worried about stray nails in the driveway and that sort of thing, but it was left spotless. I could not have been happier! Communication throughout was great, cost was exactly as estimated (no unexpected issues came up once the old roof was peeled off). Overall, a first-rate experience. Would definitely use them again or recommend to friends and family. • Cory M • June 1, 2017

Very happy with workmanship and cleanup. Job well done. We would definitely recommend Cadieux Roofing to everyone. • A & J V • November 18, 2016

I had a positive experience, their service and their work was excellent. They got delay because of weather reason but overall we are very happy with their work. • Claudybel G • October 12, 2016

Great crew, on time each day and did great work. Would recommend to anyone. • Ken P • September 19, 2016